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The Holiday Pre-Sale

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Hello, and welcome to While You Were Dreaming

WYWD works to harvest the flowing energy of la Maldrugada while others dream.

Last year while living in LA as a freelance designer, my attraction to the booming cannabis industry evolved into a series of collaborations that led me to pouring my own wax. I wanted to create a product that mirrored elevation through manifestation and agency. My love of design and sacred space became an object anyone could hold and experience near or far.

WYWD candles are designed to be icons of self-empowerment. These icons stand as a reflection of the soul and a call to presence for your home and altars alike.

Candles are made with 100% soy and blended with scented oils. Each unique candle is topped with glitter and dried flowers for you to enjoy. When burned correctly, the toppings float as you go for lasting enjoyment. WYWD collects a variety of bottles from family, friends, and local shops. Vessels are cut, sanded, and filled with love.

Candle Magic has common principles with Color Therapy. Different colors have inherent frequencies, which in turn have different effects on the human psyche. With this knowledge, we can use these effects in a positive manner to enhance our mind power. These colors have been paired with floral fragrances for an uplifting experience.